Green IQ Indoor

Smart Irrigation Controller

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub uses the most advanced Internet, cloud and mobile technologies to intelligently manage garden irrigation and lighting scheduling from anywhere, at anytime. In a typical garden, the WiFi irrigation controller can save up to 50% on your outdoor water bill

Following the success of the previous generation of the Green IQ irrigation controller, it was decided to produce an advanced generation, this time in an updated design with different requirements. The new controller is designed to be installed indoor  and operates with WIFI technology. In terms of design, we were able to reach a product with a thin profile and also have LED lighting in the front of the product whose colors vary according to the activity.

With the addition of Gen. 3 to the GreenIQ product line, end users can now control as many as 16 sprinkler zones, two lighting channels and fertilisation scheduling. The controller is the perfect companion for both homeowners as well as professional landscapers that want to save time and run several accounts in parallel.

The work included Industrial Design and Mechanical Design of the product, which was designed with minimal parts in mind. The product is closed without screws, making it both an industrial and worthy for production product.