Router WIFI

Product design in the field of communications is always a challenging task. In an age of rapid development and innovation, the ground-breaking, cutting edge technologies hidden within a product demand the use of creative design that takes into consideration many electronic parameters. This was the challenge we were presented by CELLIUM’s router which uses RF technology to provide high intensity and stable coverage.

This type of technological product is essentially a communications product, but one that is also designed for the general consumer. Its design must be attractive, non-invasive, and should blend in with its surroundings. On the other hand, it must also be visible and user friendly.

In addition to the many design parameters we faced, there were many mechanical and functional demands that added to the challenge. These included the use of multi-circuit electronics and antennas that generate heat that must be dispersed from the product. Our solution – the use of heat sinks that can passively or actively disperse heat buildup.